February 02, 2023

Well, this is my first blog and its about time I suspect some will say.  The thing is, I wrote the above fourth in the Singhing Detective Series titled A WALK ON THE WILD SIDE and by the time it was published I realised I had just waited to see what was forthcoming from Matador Marketing.  I heard from Talk Radio Spain and I was interviewed by Hannah.  She was awesome and I said a lot.  She made it so easy to talk about how I came to write The Singhing Detective Series and what my background was. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

I love talking about writing.  Its a lonely occupation - you write alone but perversely you are in a crowded place full of characters and experiences, danger and fun.  I just love it when I sit down at my computer and write.I want to know what is going to happen, how and why and when.  I feel so lucky to have these experiences and I love my characters (including the really bad ones).

There are other things in the pipeline and I hope to come back with more updates on those.  Fingers crossed and any good lucks thrown my way will be gratefully received.

Thank you


Maureen x