June 15, 2023

Hi, just want to say a huge enormous thank you to my readers.  I have a group of wonderful readers across the country who read all my books and I am so very grateful to every one of you.  The exciting thing is some of you not only read my books but email me with updates on where you are in my books and I find that so much fun with comments like Jazz has done it again.  Will he survive this time or has he gone to far?  Of course I will never tell but its great to get a flavour of how you are feeling as you read the books.  

I am so grateful to those, and you know who you are, who kindly send me a review of my books and then say they will pass them on to their friends.  I am an Indie writer so every bit of help and advertisement is truly gratefully received.  I am so glad you all seem to love Jazz.  I love him too but I also love Mad Pete.  I know, he is not very loveable but someone has got to lol.

Thank you so much and I am writing the next one as we speak.


Maureen xxx