The Devil's Tears

The Devil's Tears

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November 1st 2008

My name is Michael Angelo, Angel to those who know me. I was born in the greatest city in the world, Chicago. My Ma, Maria Angelo, never knew exactly my date of birth or even the year. She worked in down town Chicago as a prostitute until she copped Syphilis. There was no father and at 9 years old I became the major breadwinner. I was good at what I did to earn money but conning uptown people out of a few cents and stealing food off stalls didn't amount to much. It did bring me to the attention of the club owner, Alfredo Tarrantinni. I might still be alive if I had stayed away from the club, but then I wouldn't have met Clemmie. Chicago was fun, and as a small boy I took the fear factor in my stride. When I grew up it became more deadly and Tony, my nemesis, was always looking to finish what he had started. He wanted me dead.Just when I had got to that point where life was on a roll; I had the job, the respect, the money and the girl, in a split second it was all gone. The Guardians made me an Angel. Me, an Angel? I would have laughed but it wasn't funny. They said I had to help Clemmie. Now I would do anything for Clemmie but what they asked me to do was tough. I argued and fought them at every point along the way. They kept the truth from me but I found out the hard way. Tony was close by and now I hunted him and wanted him dead and burning in hell. I wanted to keep Clemmie safe and with me, they wanted something else. Someone had to be the winner.


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