The Singhing Detective

The Singhing Detective

The first in the Singhing Detective Series

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October 1st 2011

The first in a series of multi-cultural thrillers by the author of Silent Night and The Devil’s Tears.

Detective Jaswinder Singh, known as the Jazz Singher (Jazz to his friends and enemies), is leaner, fitter, smarter and back working for the Met. The nervous breakdown that caused him to be seconded to Manchester is, he believes, now behind him – but he is still battling his personal demon, drink.

Jazz’s first case back at the Met comes dangerously close to home as he investigates the Viets – a gang quietly setting up East End Cannabis factories and trying to stay under the radar of the holy trinity of East End gangs; the Snake heads, Triad and Bam Bam. The murder of a sweet and innocent old lady, Alice, is the catalyst for the gangs to clash, causing the biggest East End war since the Krays. For Jazz it becomes personal – Alice had been part of his Newbury Park childhood. He goes on the rampage to find her killers.

What started with the murder of a little old lady spirals out of control into serial murder, lies, duplicity and treachery, culminating in the death of a rookie Detective Constable on Jazz’s team.

This is the first book in a new crime series featuring Jaswinder Singh, a driven and brilliant Sikh detective, working in the East End of London.


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  • ISBN: 9781780889528